Even though Valentines Day has past, it has inspired us! And, we want to share some love in the playing card community by calling out someone who caught our eye - @ravnmagic. RAVN a.k.a. Caroline Ravn is a Professional magician based in Stockholm, Sweden. We came across her on instagram and our ‘insta-crush’ extends beyond her striking looks. Her professionalism and performances are clearly on point. And, she has killer deck of cards to her name too. But, her social feed only gives us a small glimpse into her world. And, we wanted to know more, so we asked!

What was the first magic trick you performed?

My grandfather was a magician so I started when I was very young. I remember how we used to do magic together all the time when I was at his place. He had a cat, Sikke, and I used to practice producing coins from his ears. But, unfortunately, he wasn’t very impressed. 

He was Danish, my grandfather. I could only speak Swedish at the time (now I’m fluent in Swedish and English but I understand Spanish, Swedish sign language, Danish, Norwegian and some Albanian) so sometimes it was hard to know what I was supposed to do when it came to slight of hand. From the age of 3 he had me come up with my own ideas of how the magic was created and today, in my professional career, that’s pure gold. 

After my grandfather died, for me magic died with him and it wasn’t a big part of my life for almost 15 years. When I started again I went right back to the classics. I performed The Cups and Balls, Hydratic Glass and I produced a purple ukulele at my first gig. Was a hit! The emcee made me look like a star telling everyone to ”remember her name, and this is where you first saw her!”. I was so proud of my self going back home after that and I just had to get that next gig. 

Today I’m performing 2-4 times a week normally, depending on the season. Not all the time, but quite often I wish my grandfather was there to see me perform. It’s been many years since I’ve seen him but he’s my reason to always work hard to get better. He wouldn’t want me to settle for anything less than perfect.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a professional magician?

There’s a reason ”business” is the longer word in ”show business”. You’ve got to know a little about basically everything. In the beginning I had like twenty jobs; magician, head of sales, head of marketing, social media analyst, creative mastermind and many many more. Starting a business can seem like an endless tunnel of paperwork, taxes and laws. But, that’s not all!

Being a professional magician means taking magic seriously. Your clients will expect you to deliver, and your job is to over-deliver. We live in a time where anyone can find out anything in minutes. Youtube is taking over university programs, social media funnels the news and most of our secrets are out there. When you’re out there performing, please make sure you’re well rehearsed, dressed for the occasion and have fun with your audience. When we entertain, not fool, we’re more likely to leave them with a feeling of joy and not in a need to google what we’ve just done. 

Remember, we as magicians do not keep the secrets from them. We’re keeping the secrets for them.

Name two magicians who’ve inspired you throughout your career? 

I always looked up to my grandfather. He wasn’t a professional magician or anything, but he sure loved magic. When I got back into magic David Copperfield and Joe Labero inspired me a lot. They’re both illusionists, and I’m not, but I found their way of being showmen inspiring.

Now I get inspired by many artists, both in and out of the magic community. Rob Zabrecky, John Archer and David Williamsson to name a few magicians I look up to and get inspired from. They all have different styles of magic, but that’s what makes them so great.

If you could perform one playing card trick to anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

That’s a hard one… Well, if I could choose anyone I wanted I’d love to perform for Ron Pope (singer songwriter) cause I’m sure he’d love it, and me. And I love him, so that’s a perfect match! I’d perform Tiny Plunger by Jon Armstrong I think. That’s hilarious! Or maybe Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island 'cause I'm his biggest fan. Without a doubt.


RAVN’s next theatre performance is ‘Where magic happens’ @sodra_teatern on May 5th. Get your tickets today! 

To book @ravnmagic contact her at either www.carolineravn.com or profileagency.se/caroline-ravn

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