Today we met up with Tash, a Cardist in Vancouver, BC. We found Tash through his youtube page and were armed with coffee, questions and of course playing cards. The plan was to find out more about this guy and to dig a little deeper into the cardistry scene on the west coast.
It’s a smoking hot day and as we sat drinking iced americanos at #revolvercoffee in Gastown, the conversation quickly moved from words to actions as Tash started to play around with our decks.
It was just a taster, an off-the-cuff display, giving us a glimpse of his skills. Thankfully Tash was cool letting us film him. Well, we didn’t want to just sit and gawp.
Spellbound by his moves we’d lost track of our original plan - remember the questions? So having run out of time we agreed to meet again.
Stay tuned for the next instalment and in the mean time you can check out more of this talented Vancouver cardist on youtube and instagram @tashfiq1993

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