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Introducing yourself is never easy. We thought if we could create a child from the DNA of Wild Bill Hickock, James Dean and Paul Newman - then lock it in a room for 30 years with constant supply of lucky strikes, bourbon and playing cards - we would have the perfect spokesperson for the company.

For now, whilst we're figuring out how to make this happen, here’s a quick description of what we do and where our name came from.

What we do - We design playing cards, and not just any old playing cards either, ours are completely custom. Whether you’re a collector, a cardist, a magician or a poker player, we’ll have a deck that will get you noticed.

Our cards also feature in our social casino games. How these two integrate is really important to us. It’s also one of the reasons why we’re different. A quick example is; you can use the playing cards we sell online in our social casino games too.

Where our name came from - If you take a look at the king of hearts in a regular deck of playing cards it looks like he's stuck his sword in his head. This gave him the nickname 'The Suicide King' which means there's a widow in every deck, hence the name - one widow.

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